Welcome to Showbot

What is showbot you ask? With the help of a Twitch bot of your choice, Showbot lets your users in chat submit show titles, song requests, questions for Q&A, a list of games you should play, brainstorming ideas and whatever else you can think of into a list which can then be voted on so your chat's best ideas can bubble up to the top


Showbot integrates perfectly with NightBot, Streamlabs and many other Twitch bots and setup is simple.

  1. Set up the chat bot of your choice.
  2. Create your custom commands. Commands for NightBot and Streamlabs are available to copy and paste.
  3. Start using Showbot on your stream

Detailed setup instructions are on the Setup page.

Built Responsively

Showbot is built to be responsive which means it looks great on a desktop or mobile phone. And it works on Twitch Mobile. Just post a link into your chat and users follow it and vote within the Twitch mobile app while still listening to your stream.